Mission:  The mission of the Fort Worth (TX) Alumni Chapter (FWAC) is to provide community service, develop our youth, promote and enhance the FWAC brand while perpetuating the fraternal bond of brotherhood.

1.        Relentlessly serve the community of Fort Worth
2.       Expand Guide Right to be the bench mark of the Southwestern Province
3.       Recognize our Senior Kappa Brothers
4.       Increase Reclamation and Retention Efforts
5.       Grown the FWAC Brand
6.       Improve our Organizational Efficiency

1.        Community Service:  Increase responsiveness in each of our community service events.  Engage our community partners for successful outcomes.
2.       Guide Right:  Provide the best leadership and mentorship to our youth.  Increase the number of youth in the program. Grow our youth into men that the community will be proud of.
3.       Senior Brother Recognition:  Recognize all 50 year/Senior Kappas.  Visit and check in on all Senior Kappas.  Provide appropriate assistance when needed.
4.       Reclamation/Retention:  Incentivize members who are responsible in bringing NUPES back home to the FWAC.
5.       Organizational Efficiency:  Use technology and other appropriate avenues to improve communications and document FWAC events.
6.       Branding/Bonding:  Promote K A PSI and the FWAC in all that we do.  Participate in the FWAC events and community events.  Engage NPHC sororities and support their efforts.  Build partnership with organizations within Fort Worth and Tarrant County.
7.       ONE KAPPA:  Fully embrace the “ONE KAPPA” concept by improving communications, visiting senior Kappas and supporting our internal/external events.  Act “brotherly” in everything that we do!