Fort Worth Alumni Officers

Fort Worth Alumni Officers

This body of brothers in the bond has always prided itself in Achieving in Every Field of Human Endeavor. We are leaders in community service, mentoring projects, providing scholarships, as well as social events. As leaders of this chapter, we are excited about making Fort Worth Alumni known as one of the best chapters in the DFW Metroplex as well as the Southwestern Province.


( [at] fortworthkappas [dot] com)
 Polemarch Samuel Perkins  Polemarch
 Vice – Polemarch Desmond Wesley  Vice-Polemarch
 Keeper of Records Kennard Love  KOR
 Assistant Keeper of Records Jimmie Nealey  AsstKOR
 Keeper of Exchequer Darrell Pace  KOE
 Assistant Keeper of Exchequer Zedrick Jenkins  AsstKOE
 Strategus Brian Colbert  Strategus
 Lieutenant Strategus Rashad Raynor  Ltstrategus
 Reporter Robert Terrell  Reporter
 Historian C. Maurice Williams  Historian
Reclamation Chairman Keon Anderson  Reclamation
 Board Members  board